Haiko Sillybody PLAN (drawing)

OCA PLAN: Haiko Sillybody (zeichnung)

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It takes only six steps to create a beautiful drawing

– pencil

– paper(min. 25 x 25 cm)

– fineliner or something similar

– Optional: eraser and ruler.

[show first some examples (READY MADE) –> here]

OCA PLAN: Haiko Sillybody (Zeichnung) Image 1

TIP: If the pencil lines of the preliminary drawing are drawn with light pressure, it is easier to erase them afterwards.

A, take the pencil, a sheet of paper and draw a large Sillybody exactly in the middle. Consider the inside dimensions of your passepartout or picture frame.

–> Sillybody PLAN

OCA PLAN: Haiko Sillybody (Zeichnung) Image 2

B, fill each area within the Sillybody with parallel lines. The alignment of the lines can be chosen freely (horizontal, vertical, diagonal etc.).

OCA PLAN: Haiko Sillybody (Zeichnung) Image 3

C, cover the entire inner surface of the Sillybody with wavy lines. These should have a similar distance from each other.

OCA PLAN: Haiko Sillybody (Zeichnung) Image 4

D, mark out every second field with the pencil within each area.

OCA PLAN: Haiko Sillybody (Zeichnung) Image 5

E, fill all marked fields with the fineliner. Cover the areas either withan even layer of black, with any desired hatching, with a checkerboard pattern or simply outline all marked fields with a black line.


F, take the eraser and remove visible pencil marks. If you wish, the Haiko Sillybody can then be outlined with a line and signed.


Zeige mir Haiko Sillybody READY MADES

OCA READY MADE: Haiko Sillybody no. 18 (Zeichnung / 30x30cm / Pigment auf Papier)

„You can never draw the same one twice.“