Sillygarden PLAN (drawing)

OCA PLAN: Sillygarden

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Make your wall great again

All you need is:

– pencil

– paper(min. 25 x 25 cm)

– fineliner or something similar

– Optional: eraser and ruler.

[show first some examples (READY MADE) –> here]

OCA PLAN: Sillygarden (Zeichnung) Image 1

TIP: If the pencil lines of the preliminary drawing are drawn with light pressure, it is easier to erase them afterwards.

A, take the pencil and draw a rectangle that corresponds to the desired size of your drawing (consider the inside dimensions of the passepartout or frame). Select any position within the rectangle and draw the first Sillybody with a pencil and ruler. The side edges of the Sillybody should run parallel to the rectangle.

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OCA PLAN: Sillygarden (Zeichnung) Image 2

B, now draw one Sillybody next to the other until …

OCA PLAN: Sillygarden (Zeichnung) Image 3

C, … the entire area is filled (size and proportions can vary widely).

OCA PLAN: Sillygarden (Zeichnung) Image 4

D, E, all fields created on the canvas are divided into three groups, assigned as you please:

1. dark

2. medium

3. bright

Use the pencil to mark the corresponding fields (solid hatching = dark; slight hatching = medium; empty = bright).

OCA PLAN: Sillygarden (Zeichnung) Image 5
OCA PLAN: Sillygarden (Zeichnung) Image 6

F, now take a fineliner. Hatch all fields that you previously marked as “dark” in any way of your choice.

OCA PLAN: Sillygarden (Zeichnung) Image 7

G, cover all “medium“ fields with a lighter hatching of your choice.

OCA PLAN: Sillygarden (Zeichnung) Image 8

H, if desired, remove the pencil marks with the eraser. Decide where top and bottom are and sign your artwork.


Sillybody Zeichnung

Zeige Sillygarden READY MADES (Zeichnungen)